After All These Years?

Sword and staff clashed as Liquorice R. Zombiebane, knight, and Atticus Q. Redghost, shapeshifting villain, battled. Atticus, who was physically weaker, was forced to retreat. “New workout?” the villain shouted over the roar of the surrounding volcano.

“Wife joined a gym, so I joined a gym,” the knight shouted, sheathing his sword and picking up a poleaxe. “I hated it a bit at first but I’m really getting into it, and I love spending the time with her.”

“How is Sam?” Atticus grunted as he fell to the ground, barely avoiding a lethal strike. He kicked outward and forced the off-balance warrior to retreat.

“Doing better,” the knight regained his footing, only to be hit with an energy blast. “Thank you for the gift,” grunt with pain, “basket.”

The battle continued in a similar fashion, the knight using physical strength to force Atticus into corners or close to the volcano’s edge, only to be knocked back with spells and forced to retreat. Neither gained ground.

A rock wall trapped the villain and a lucky shot by the knight knocked him over. The knight pounced, and as before, poleaxe and staff clashed, but in this position and with his superior strength, Liquorice began to turn the tide. The two fought eye-to-eye, struggling to find advantage.

Sotto voce, Atticus asked, “is this when we kiss?”

“This isn’t Christmas! We are fighting! I am here to arrest you!”

“But it is my birthday.”

“Is it? Oh Atty, I didn’t get you a card — WAIT! It is not!”

The distraction was just enough to prepare and cast a Wind Gust spell, knocking the knight across the cliff. Standing, Atticus quickly reviewed which defensive spells were still active and which he could quickly refresh. To buy himself another few seconds — “Arrest me? You still care after all these years?”

The knight retrieved his poleaxe and similarly took up a defensive posture. The heat and exertion were taking a heavy toll. “I will follow you to every corner of the Netherworld, sweet old hag.”

Atticus winked and prepared a spell as the knight tightened his grip on his weapon.

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