A Walk in the Night

The vampire walked the city’s streets alone, her heels making a pleasant sound against the cobblestones. The fog and the dark of night parted to her vision, a gift of undeath.

She could smell dinners roasting, midnight flowers blooming, she could hear ghosts rising from their dirt and graves and abandoned buildings. She could taste the season in the air — and the pleasant aura of witch magic. Penny P. Post, vampire, paused in the enhanced gloom cast by a tree’s shadow against moonlight, looking about the world aflutter with white and silver. Penny would wait for the witch to make the first move.

“Are you lost, little bat?” Zelda K. Arcadia, witch, offered. It was difficult to make out the vampire in the night, so Zelda held up a helping hand. A globe of magical light appeared… but the cloak of shadows hiding the vampire only deepened.

“It… is dangerous… to be alone,” the witch breathed, her roguish threat absorbed as cleanly as the shadows absorbed her magical torch. “…here… monsters abound…”

“Is it not you, little black cat, who is in the danger?” Penny whispered into the witch’s ear, her dead breath sweetened with blackmint tea leaves. The vampire had ducked behind the witch so fluidly time might have stopped to allow her the pleasure to step leisurely.

Zelda froze as Penny spoke. Slowly, she turned her gaze to the left, her ear brushing past Penny’s lips. She was held, first by those eyes, and then the vampire’s arms. Zelda’s body relaxed and Penny caught her.

Looking up at her wife’s face, watching the fog part to allow the moon to fully illuminate the vampire’s grin, Zelda turned her head to the side and then gasped in pleasure. Penny’s fangs caught the drifts of dying light as the witch’s torch spell ended. She clenched her jaw as the pain gave way to a purse full of luxurious emotions and sensations.

For a brief moment, Zelda was able to see the world through an undead gaze, she saw the overlapping shapes of darkness, natural and magical, the hidden energies of the world.

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