A Close Shave

Kevin M. Sourdough, the mayor of Peyroux, and as importantly the boyfriend of Oliver “Oil” Applegate, werewolf, gently pressed Oil down into the bath’s hot water.

Oil had returned from a long day of carpentry that had transformed him into a living statue of sawdust and sweat. Sourdough massaged Oil’s head, drawing in and then rinsing out  shampoo, he then pulled him up into a kiss.

Sourdough placed cooling slices of glass melon onto his boyfriend’s eyes. Oil exhaled, the stress melting away as steam and near-boiling water enveloped his aching muscles.

The moon began to rise as Sourdough pulled his hands through Oil’s hair, along his scalp, back and forth, back and forth. Oil sank back into the tub and rested his head against a wooden block at the tub’s edge. The water was comfortingly close to boiling and smelled of meadows and flowers.

Sourdough poured shaving lather into his hands and rubbed them together to create a foam before applying it to Oil’s face, drawing along his upper lip. Left, right, gentle around the nose, down along his neck. He gently rolled Oil’s head away, holding it with one hand and drawing in with a straight razor with the other. Sourdough gently sculpted his boyfriend’s face.

Oil let out a heavy, tired sigh and relaxed. Sourdough rolled Oil’s head the other way and resumed shaving, removing all the layers the day had wrought, cleaning the blade between strokes.

The aftershave stung, but the forehead kiss Sourdough placed on Oil’s forehead helped tremendously.

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