Zelda K. Arcadia

A swamp witch, Zelda is most at home in muck and dirt. She has a casual, easygoing nature with a focus on napping as often as possible. Zelda sleeps in trees, fields, the gardens of friends — and sometimes, to her wife’s amusement — at home in a comfortable bed.

Zelda’s trademark slime hair sets her apart in crowds as it is a very unusual feature, even among swamp witches. The slime responds normally to gravity — hanging down, moving in the wind — but the texture is distinctly semi-solid and gooey. It flows around as she moves, often making a pleasant blo-oo-op sound.

Zelda has a distaste for adventure. She loves listening to friends talk of their travels and revels when they bring her movies and music from distant realms as she prefers to remain at home (and asleep).

Media is a huge passion sinking deep into Zelda’s core. Her literary tastes stray deep into comics and graphic novels, her music interests range from “recorded silence but from different places” to “apocalyptic noise wrested from the jaws of doom,” and movies — literally all. One of the reasons Zelda is always sleepy is a penchant for all night movie marathons. Zelda loves to share and frequently makes mixtapes for friends to take with them on their journeys.

Zelda lives with her wife, Penny, and familiar, Soot, in a cottage that wanders the Netherworld. It stops frequently in or near the tiny, haunted village of Peyroux.

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