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In the Netherworld, television and movies are largely merged. Broadcasts are often public in outdoor or underwater theaters, available later on VHS. Recent releases include:

Netherworld’s Finest Diners:
Atticus Q. Redghost, villain, takes a tour around the Netherworld, profiling diners in the sea, in haunted caves, and even in a lava tube. Waffles are a frequent choice.

Fish Out of Water:
A sea siren survivalist demonstrates how to survive in arid regions.

Unfortunately Winterburn Toothdecay is competent.

Inhuman Resources Department:
A goblin lies on his resume about being an engineer and is hired by a company that builds bridges designed to collapse when heroes cross over them. Winterburn Toothdecay is surprisingly competent at his job, having a natural talent for math. Realizing the blueprints are flawed and not knowing this is on purpose, he begins to panic and quietly fixes the equations. Later, the bosses panic as their new bridges remain in tact.

Cooking with Fire:
Embers J. Lapilli showcases gorgon delicacies and demonstrates how to cook at home with fire spells and lava.

Crime Time:
The Purple Paw Thievery presents their latest plunders. Victims are reunited with their treasures in exchange for laps to sleep in and treats. Crown jewels are featured.

The Candle Channel:
Aesthetically pleasing candles burn to the sounds of ghosts frightening unwary intruders.

This Old Candy House:
Gingerbread walls are remodeled (via eating) and cotton candy insulation is replaced. Support gumdrops are repaired, chocolate sauce drainage ladles are discussed.

Creepy Crepes mug

Creepy Crepes mug ($14.75)

A haunted diner, Creepy Crêpes has been feeding citizens and visitors to the village of Peyroux for decades.
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