Tasty Tarts

If you are hosting a tea party or book club, tarts are a fantastic treat for your guests.

Tart Shells: Autumn leaves held together by ghost bee honey is popular with plant monsters, while kelp and seaweed variants will be highly desired by your aquatic guests. Dirt from lightning-blasted roads, made into a mud with rain water, then left to dry overnight, will win the highest of praise from the undead.

Rotten Fruit Tart Fillings: As untoward as it seems, the best method is buying fresh fruit (gross, I know). Slice it into layers and arrange, carefully place into the tart pan, cover with mushroom spores (any kind), then let rot. A few days before serving, sprinkle ghostly sugar and fill the crevices with ectoplasm.

Scrying Glass Fillings: A witchy favorite, these tarts use a thin layer of liquid shadow as the base over the tart shell. Fill the rest of the pan with a potion of invisibility and add a few drops of melted temporal quartz. Until sliced, the tart will allow guests to see visions of their future. A party game and treat in one!

Lost Treasure Tart: A popular choice among sea monster hosts, these treats combine everything from driftwood to sailor meat in a delicious, savory snack. Cooked over an open sea floor vent, everything burns together into a toasty thrill. Serve hot.

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