Strawberry is a fresh water mermaid with a deep love of sunshine, candy, and monster movies. Extroverted and with a vibrant sense of humor, Strawberry’s large personality glows warmly wherever she is.

She spends much of her time exploring the Netherworld, meeting new and odd creatures, filming them as they permit. A keen writer and director, her stories tend to focus on narratives rather than documentaries, with her favorite subjects being hidden love affairs and absolutely anything to do with any royalty of any realm.

Strawberry’s movies are frequently screened at Midnight Owl Movies, a weekly film festival held in Autumn’s Lost Wood near the haunted village of Peyroux, and later released on VHS at Mummy Movie Mausoleum, the village’s tape rental store.

Strawberry is an incredibly powerful magic user, able to create spells with little preparation and recreate effects she sees with minimal effort. It is difficult to compare her abilities to others as she has little interest in exploring her talents outside of the acquisition of candy or entertaining friends, but in contests (especially when candy is a prize), she always wins. Her ability to harness raw magical energy has yet to be matched.

Mermaids have the ability to breathe air and water indefinitely. On land, she travels via a globe of water enveloping her tail.

Strawberry and her wife, Red Kelp, have two homes. One is a small cottage in Autumn’s Lost Wood and the other is a lagoon lost in the seas known as Blissful Heart.

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