Spectral Club

The Necromancer’s Spectral Club is a group of undead, newly turned and experienced alike, who gather to discuss and learn and grow powers. Fresh vampires mingle with blinks, newly raised ghosts. Liches, unfathomably powerful undead magic users, teach skeletons to walk and heal zombies in need of repair.

The Netherworld is full of darkness and grim, wretched monsters. How wonderful! But it is also home to heroes, undead hunters, adventurers, and treasure seekers. Forces of good, of light, of law and order… how unfortunate.

In Peyroux, The Necromancer’s Spectral Club is hosted by Margot V. Shadow, a master necromancer. Classes and seminars are hosted frequently with guest speakers and visiting spell casters. Demonstrations, spell book readings, and games are also frequent activities.

The Necromancer’s Spectral Club teaches the newly undead how to turn into a bat, haunt, and repair.

Food & Care: Being undead is marvelous yet has many new challenges. Grooming is extremely difficult, fashion needs shift — and food tastes differently. Penny P. Post, vampire, caters each gathering in Peyroux with snacks and meals. No one goes hungry, all leave with a basket
full of food for later.

Seasonal Rotations: The Spectral Club celebrates the incorporeal in the winter, cloaked horrors such as liches and crypt shadowbeasts in the spring, vampires in the summer, ghouls and ghosts in the autumn.

Meet & Greet: Aside from the serious business of flexing strengths and shoring up weaknesses is the enjoyable business of meeting similar monsters. Friendships are made, short-lived adventuring campaign companies are formed, and it is not unknown for romances to start. Hello good looking. Hello yourself, ghoulish stranger.

Adventuring: The time-honored tradition of using treasure hunting and exploring to grow in strength often starts with such meetups as the Necromancer’s Spectral Club. Group trips are safer and allow undead troops to tackle more powerful heroes than had they ventured out individually. Groups are often guided by more powerful monsters.

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