Safe Passage

The oceans in the Netherworld stretch wide and deep. Merchant and passenger ships hire sea witches to protect their vessels against the ravages of storms and the countless monsters lurking below the waves.

Costs aren’t an issue, both because of the odd mechanisms that govern the Netherworld’s economies and the eclectic needs of witches. If you are wealthy with gold and jewels, witch fees are monetary and steep. If not, a seemingly infinite number of odd options will be presented.

Some ships refuse to pay. Loot smugglers, cocky adventurers, and doomed fools filled with hubris sail across the oceans every day without honoring it, all convinced of their own might or endless luck. And every day, a portion are destroyed by the sea nymphs, mermaids, sirens, and water elementals that find them.

On occasion, destroyed ships are allowed to sail for another ten years as a ghost ship, warning all they encounter to respect the sea and pay their due tolls. At decade’s end, each ghost is given the option to rest forever or continue haunting (a popular choice).

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