Rough sketches of character profile pages.

Evil Supply Co. publishes tiny, mostly unrelated short stories all set in a singular world. And because this has been going on for awhile now, the characters have started insisting on official portraits and blurbs.

Red Kelp is shy but happy to be included, Strawberry is so excited she can hardly float still, Lemon Peel has been bribed with candy (they’ve all been bribed with Halloween candy), Mayor Sourdough is intrigued at a new platform to “tell y’all about… now get comfortable because this ought to take awhile…” He likes to talk. A lot. About everything.

The Netherworld is calling (it is actually texting, neither of us enjoy the voice option on these pocket typewriters).

It is time for coffee and more portraits and I’ve just tried carrot take for the first time (it is divine).

And then stories to transcribe and parcels to pack up and send all around the world, some haunted, others cursed, a few eyed by basilisks.

May your day be gloomy in every splendid day.

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