Reporting Live on New Year’s!

Reporting live from the haunted village of Peyroux but you’ll get this whenever because it isn’t on TV!

Good evening everyone and also good morning! There are more monsters, witches, and ghosts here than you can shake a stick at. I tried and the stick froze solid.

As the clocktower in the village square struck midnight, benevolent pandemonium began as pairs of folk wrapped arms or tentacles around each other and kissed, welcoming in what will hopefully be the best year yet in the Netherworld.

Scrying pools set up ‘round the village square – thank you Potion Maker’s Authority for your help on that – are giving glimpses of everywhere from Gardot, the mermaid town down in the Lost Sea, to The Muenster Lunar Colony Bar & Grill on the moon, and well beyond!

We have witches kissing forest sprites and turning to kiss gorgons and dragons kissing entire groups at once!

My goodness gracious! It is gorgeous, everyone, simply wonderful! Everyone is kissing everyone, and by the stars it is beautiful!

I will leave you all with this parting message as there is a water nymph sashaying to me and re-applying her lipstick. Happy New Year to all! May it treat you kindly and well!

Now then, hello gorgeous, hello!

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