Prospecting Trick or Treat Bounties

The mermaid finished carving October’s first jack-o-lantern and beamed happily as she turned it around, showing her wife. “Kelpie!” she cried out happily, her expression matching the pumpkin’s grin.

Red Kelp, a forest dryad named after an aquatic frond, walked over to the dining room table and took the pumpkin into her hands, observing the crafty cuts carefully.

Strawberry, mermaid, lifted the lid and set a ghost-shaped candle inside. She then lit it with a match.

“Did you know I can read the future via jack-o-lantern light?”

Red Kelp asked spookily, her eyes lifting from the candle flame to lock onto Strawberry’s widening, eager gaze. Cast in candle, the dryad’s expression almost glowed.

“Kelpie are you teasing me?!” Strawberry cried as she narrowed her eyes suspiciously. Red Kelp has a wide streak of mischief as crimson as her autumnal hair, and yet – and yet…

…and yet…

Leaning over the jack-o-lantern, Strawberry could not resist asking the only question from the future worth knowing early:

“How much candy will I get trick-or-treating this year?”

The dryad studied the candle flame for a moment before announcing, her voice hushed with the weighty summoning of Halloween trickery. “All you can eat. And then a bit more.”

Wide-eyed and doubtless, the mermaid stared at her wife.

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