Planners: Returning March 2018 (Stationery Too)

A few years ago, I launched planners. They were good! But challenging, so I took them offline. Then months later, they came back! But still had challenges, so again to the shadows.

Machines built and tested and reimagined and wires rewired and more machines AND MORE PROTOTYPES AND MAYBE A SMALL UNRELATED CRUNCHING NOISE.

Planners are now perfected.

More durable cover. Rounded pages for overall durability. Two sizes (half sheet as before and full sheet size). More pages. More page options. Optional customized front page. Tighter coil endings for durability.

Launch soon. Doing final testing then photographing for site.


Also: Stationery.

Quick! What do you call a stationery company that doesn’t sell letterhead anymore?

Current answer: Evil Supply Co.

IN ABOUT A MONTH that will not be true.


  • Half sheet.
  • Full sheet.
  • Color.
  • Black and white.
  • Blank. Lined. Grid. Boxes.
  • Lots of options.

You want customized envelopes? No problem.

Phantasmaflora Farm Market patch

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