Penny P. Post

Penny P. Post, vampire, is soft, formal, well put together, and privately nervous. While royal blood does not flow through her veins (except occasionally after a meal), she has a courtly grace about her that is rarely shaken — externally.

Internally, Penny is often a boiling pot of self doubt and anxiety, simultaneously worrying about what she should be focusing on and what has been forgotten in the crashing mental tides. Rituals and touchstones help keep her mind on task, help ease her fears.

Penny is a chef and a baker, she co-owns both Creepy Crepes, a haunted diner, and Donut Be Afraid, a coffee and donut shop, in the haunted village of Peyroux. Her involvement in each focuses more on recipe development and the creations of specials, leaving her partners to handle the business portions. The arrangement works perfectly for both the restaurants and Penny. Being in the kitchen allows her to formulate lists, tasks, prioritize, and execute plans.

At home, too, Penny spends much of her time cooking and baking, partly for fun and partly researching new recipes and techniques. Zelda K. Arcadia, Penny’s wife, is the primary and gleeful recipient of the culinary wonders. The couple live in a cottage that frequently wanders the Netherworld, regularly stopping outside or near the tiny, haunted village of Peyroux.

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