Nixandrea Z. Dagon

Nixandrea “Nixxi” Z. Dagon, sea nymph, is a scholar of aquatic magic. Single-minded to the point of being socially distant, Nixxi spends all of her available time studying ocean, river, lake, and storm gods and spirits.

The Netherworld is infinitely large and home to the incredible (and the incredibly strange). In a land of magic that can easily heal, destroy, animate dead matter, and resurrect the fallen, the lines separating a “god” from “an intense and powerful magic user” is ill defined and regularly disputed over coffee and small cakes by everyone from philosophers to librarians to farmers to said gods and/or magic users themselves. Contests are held to showcase theories and powers, ancient and newly discovered, with the day’s winner buying all involved a meal.

Existence in the Netherworld is soft, flush with friendly rivalries and over the top boasting. The irregular, shifting lines drawing up religions are no different.

Nixxi is frequently tasked with the collection of tributes, her serious nature and learned background lending itself easily to a task not many relish. Land creatures partake of the sea and offerings must be given in return to balance the flow of energy and resources, a small cost of doing business, and similar to the land’s partaking of the sea’s water to grow plants and distribute soil magic. Nixxi’s training and research often assists sailors and ship captains to find options that offer greater benefit to their voyage than what they sacrifice.

Nixxi lives near The Sea Shelves of Dread Mist, a cliff overlooking The Tears of Gems, an especially shallow ocean. Her days are spent making mud vessels and allowing them to wash away in water, watching for messages and recording the results. She buys or borrows every book about aquatic magic she can find. A talented caster and enchanter, her work delves into the core fundamentals of how eldritch energy manifests and transmits.

Nixxi frequently dines with Atticus Q. Redghost as they separately grow obsessed with various research topics and forget to tend mortal needs.

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