The Netherworld is infinitely large, rich with magic, and home to countless monsters, ghosts, witches, and sea creatures. Given its size and continual shifting, no one has ever successfully mapped the entire world. Realms stay generally together but shift both in relation to each other and geographically internally. Travel is largely navigated via landmarks and road signs that automatically update as areas move.

Here, time is not as linear here as it is in the mortal realm. Generally speaking, days align into years, but given the lack of rotation around a star and the intensity of magic, time largely passes as it wants to. Unless otherwise noted, stories listed in this archive happen in the present day.

Science and engineering has a significant magical element in the Netherworld. The rate of discovery and level of knowledge is generally on par with near future Earth. Magic is a force of nature that can be studied, directed, and manipulated. Technological aesthetics tend to range from 1950s – 1980s.

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