Neighborhood Gardens

Gardens are very common in the Netherworld, nearly every home has at least one. Sometimes they are lovingly tended and manicured, other times they are left to the elements and wild chance. There is a place for both — the kitchen.

Monsters and ghosts and witches can (and do) eat nearly anything prepared with love and magic, so it is any wonder gardens play a big role in meal prep?

Cities, towns, and villages — sometimes homes themselves — move frequently in the Netherworld. The lands, seas, within the earth below and the skies above are rich with magical energy. General geographic areas stay together, but distances within them fluctuate wildly. One week, your neighbor is next door. The next they are a few hours away by broom-flight. The following, you have neighbors just down the street but they are an entirely new household as the area shifts.

To build and maintain communities in the odd and chaotic Netherworld, neighborhoods host regular meals together. Gardens feature heavily into these gatherings as everyone is bound to have something different (and often unknown). Glowing fruits are glazed, cursed, and sliced up. Haunted herbs are dried and chopped to be used in stews and roasts. Vegetables are peeled and served raw, many times with an ectoplasm dressing.

Bring your appetite, whatever weird thing rustles ominously by your garden’s front gate, and a story or two. It is time to eat!

Phantasmaflora Farm Market patch

Phantasmaflora Farm Market patch ($2.00)

Hail growing things! Convert sunlight to curses, you marvelous monstrosities!
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