Mayor Kevin M. Sourdough

Kevin M. Sourdough is the mayor of Peyroux and has been since its founding; no one else wanted the job at first and Sourdough has accomplished so much and enjoys the office so greatly that no one wants to contest his position.

Administrator, welcome committee, and historian, Mayor Sourdough loves, with all of his heart, all of Peyroux and its citizens. Warm spirited and immensely talkative, Sourdough spends all of his free time meandering around the village, looking for stories, eating the day’s specials at the various restaurants, darkening shadows, arranging cobwebs, and in general handling the seemingly endless list of chores needed to keep Peyroux both spooky and cozy.

While Sourdough does travel out of the region on village business, it is relatively rare and never for longer than is necessary. He is often quoted in saying he is simply not built for roads, travel, or adventure.

Sourdough’s home and office are in the old clock tower in the village square. From here, he can watch the sun rise and set, and see the comings and goings. At the top of the clock tower is a shrine to bats — plush and safe and tended by the mayor himself.

A creature of comfort and habit, Sourdough personally greets newcomers to Peyroux (bat or other) with a welcome kit: treats from local restaurants, blankets in the winter, ice pops in the summer, and always a zine about area attractions.

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