Lunar Phenomena

There is only one moon in the Netherworld, but the amount of magic saturating the infinite landscape allows a variety of unusual and logic-defying phenomena. Forests where the seasons do not change such as Autumn’s Lost Wood, and the windswept planes where night reigns eternal like The Hallow’s Gloom, depend on these phases.

The moon is a mystic anchor, both generating its own magical field and bending others. Small festivals and friendly gatherings are common for each phase, making them miniature holidays. During your travels and home-based moon gazing, be on the look out for the following lunar phenomena:

Slime Harvest Moon: Undead farmers all over the Netherworld keep an eye (or eye socket) open for a Slime Harvest Moon. Bright green and lasting for three nights, this lunar sign indicates it is time to bring in the slime, scum, and sediment. Expect to see it every few months as slime grows very quickly.

Rabbit’s Theft: The new moon phase causes it to go dark and magic to dim. Sometimes, though, it glows with a dark purple light. Some folks (mostly the kind with long ears and cotton tails) say this is the work of the Purple Paw Thievery, a band of magical rabbit thieves. It is considered good luck to see a rabbit during a purple moon. Give them a treat and make a wish.

Themed lunar pastries are baked to celebrate the moon’s phases.

Ghost’s Breath Moon: In late summer or early autumn, for one to three nights, the moon will turn brilliant silver and all undead heal faster and grow more powerful. Any necromantic spell cast in Ghost Breath Moonlight requires significantly less energy and lasts much longer. Heroes are advised to stay home during this time.

Mermaid Moon: A summer treat, Mermaid Moons appear on especially hot nights. The moon will glow blue for five nights, enriching the seas, lakes, rivers, swamps, and other areas with powerful aquatic magic. The seas become violent with massive waves and storms rule the skies.

A Bard’s Honeyed Moon: A scandalous, rancorous, lunar cycle that emboldens the sky, heals arguments between lovers, and inspires many to make the first romantic gesture. Heart fires are lit in the crimson moonlight. Passion rule and love poems are written by the smitten. Spells activated by music are given a boost during a Bard’s Moon, so concerts are often scheduled around them.

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