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Thumbnailing a comic about monsters grilling burgers while eating a burger and watching Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost (Sarah Ravencroft was framed in my opinion).

I’m slowly hammering down the structures, methods, styles, and speed of comic thumbnails and I’m rapidly gathering a pile of them that will be ready to be executed.

Sometimes I worry about complete consistency — “Wait. How many eyelashes did this character have that I vaguely eluded to years ago?!”

Growing up, reading comic books where story cohesion is, at best, a suggestion whispered into a hurricane, I could see the story cracks and outright explosions. I didn’t mind. It is part of the fabric.

I have decided to take the comic approach to things: “Whenever you notice an inconsistency, a wizard did it.” (Lucy Lawless, Simpson’s Treehouse of Horrors, Episode B-F-12)

Adding later to the reader’s guide:

Perfection in consistency implies the narrator of the following stories knows what they are doing and that they live in a reality that makes sense, when, in fact, they do not on both accounts.

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