Librarian’s Toolkit

The Lost Book Brigade sends teams of adventuring book conservators into the wilderness of the Netherworld, hunting down lost tomes and ancient libraries. Upon finding their target treasure, a small field hospital is set up to stabilize the collections.

Underwater: These situations are weighed with the water’s effect — is it stabilizing or destroying? If the former, the entire area is frozen with magical ice, carved out, and hauled to an arctic laboratory for a gentle thaw and further review.

If the water is actively damaging the books, a protective Giant Air Bubble spell is cast to create a temporary workspace. Then, the water held inside the bubble cave is drawn out with a spigot, leaving a dry area in which to work. Books are then assessed and treated individually.

Holding a book in place with Gorgon Clamps and repairing the binding.

Broken Book Spines, Torn Pages: Many times, found books can be restored on the spot with Eldritch Strengthening Planks and Gorgon Strength Books Clamps. So held in place, book spines can be repaired with needles, thread, and various fungus potions that quickly grow into the crevices. Artwork is ready to be re-inked or gilded, engravings are addressed with a variety of artist tools.

Torn pages are handled with gloved hands and pixie hairs purchased from fey barber shops. Using slivers of bones as needles, the hairs can be used to stitch the pages back together. A bit of moonlight and a few choice spells dissolve the thread, permanently mending the paper.

Fire Damage: Books not designed to be read by fire monsters that are exposed to flame, and in general books beyond a field repair, are taken back to various laboratories and specialists.

The most common scenario sees the volume slowly consumed in a series of magical processes that builds a new, healthy book. Safeguards at each step ensure the information or story is not lost, though this slows progress significantly. It can take weeks to complete this kind of project.

And then? Most of the time, once a lost library’s books are saved, the buildings or caverns are left to return to the wild. Over time, monsters or undead move in, followed by heroes and adventure seekers. Sometimes a powerful witch or vampire or other creature takes over, ruling the building and surrounding area until, for their own private reasons, they move on.

Occasionally, however, the library itself is restored. When a powerful group or individual finds a lost library they wish to claim, they will hire the Lost Book Brigade to repair the collection onsite while artists and artisans work on the building.

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