Kissing Girls with Horns

“May I?” Strawberry, mermaid, asked coyly, her hands just above Red Kelp’s horns. The dryad closed her eyes and leaned forward into her wife’s awaiting hands and loving kiss.

“Yes,” Red Kelp whispered, drawing away just far enough to speak, “of course, and always.” Strawberry traced the fine ridges of the dryad’s horns as they kissed again.

How many years has it been now? Time flows oddly in the Netherworld. The year progresses as it does in the mortal realm, a day after another, but years themselves shift. Ages tend to be flexible and anniversaries are counted on milestone dates with little regard to the counting of the number of years passed.

A memory bubbled up clear as glass as the lovers kissed yet again.

1. Get consent 2. Touch her horns gently. 3. lean in. 4. kiss. repeat. 5. Fall in love

Strawberry held her hands aloft, gently shaking, her eyes focused on Red Kelp’s horns. “M-may I?” the mermaid asked, biting her lip. In the years that would follow, Red would become overwhelmingly enchanted with this simple idiosyncrasy, adopting it often herself.

“Yes, of course,” the dryad said smoothly and leaned forward, pressing her horns into the mermaid’s curious hands. To be so touched by this living ray of sunshine warmed her to her very soul. She held her breath in anticipation as Strawberry’s fingers explored her curves. The mermaid’s gaze shifted from Red Kelp’s horns to her charming eyes and the dryad’s inviting smile.

“I w-w-an-want to kiss you?” Strawberry said softly, nervous and unsure of herself, a rare experience. Involuntarily, her words curved into questions. “But I-I was worried about getting po-poked? And if you wanted to? Kiss? Me?”

“When you kiss a girl with horns for the first time,” Red leaned in, “let her lead.” She placed a hand on the mermaid’s tail, eliciting a quick gasp. They began softly and a bit awkwardly, as so many first kisses do, and they escalated as rapidly as their hearts pounded in their chests.

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