Invisible Ink

“I have tried every spell I know,: the wizard complained to the council, “and every apprentice working for me is researching more.”

“The letter is immune to my Gem of Sight,” the thief added. “It just sat there, as blank as a hog’s conscience.”

Hero after hero offered testimony and suggestions. Magic of increasingly dangerous power levels were explored, as was science and alchemy. The letter mocked the assembly, silently, unyielding.

“We must consider the possibility we will fail, that the villain Redghost has developed a form of invisible ink we cannot break.”

“This will be our end!” “We are doomed!” “Our spy network is useless!” “This is punishment for stealing the letter in the first place, magic has forsaken us for tampering with the mail!”

Elsewhere, Atticus glanced at a letter on his desk. “W-wait?” Aloud:

Darkest Nixxi, I have found the most delightful caramel apple —

“D… did I mail a blank sheet of paper? …oh… sweet starlight.”

Sleepy Bat shirt (black)

Sleepy Bat shirt (black) ($24.50)

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