Icy Drink Dates sketch

Sketching two monsters (Strawberry and Red Kelp) going on a small date to get icy drinks. I love monsters, small dates, and icy drinks at convenience stores.

I am steadily building up a giant pile of sketches to illustrate!

2018 has been a beautiful and constructive year focused on building foundations. Next year is about executing ideas.

I have at least 10,000 things to do and none of them directly involve yet another comic to illustrate. But it is at once immensely relaxing (allowing me to tackle my 10,000 item to do list) and prepares for the future. I love comics. I love drawing. I love monsters.

Lumberjack Breakfast Warrior postcards (set of 10)

Lumberjack Breakfast Warrior postcards (set of 10) ($7.75)

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