Goatrude the Witch

While many creatures in the Netherworld can use a wide variety of magic natively, the study and practice of witchcraft – a specific discipline – is rare. Goatrude, a self-titled biography about a goat who does just this, is the selection of the week for the Peyroux Public Phantasmal Library Book Club.

“I found it so fascinating how Goatrude was able to eat magical herbs to begin with!” offered Margot V. Shadow, necromancer, librarian.”Is this common? I don’t think it is.”

“Goats will eat anything,” Red Kelp, dryad, answered.”Or at least try to. Most of the time, if they eat a magical plant, it will fight back… something about Goat allows it to succeed.”

“Is it common for witches to make their own name?” Margot then asked Zelda K. Arcadia, witch.

Goatrude the Witch is attacked by adventurers. It does not end well for them.

“As we come into power, yes, and sometimes again when we achieve new tiers of magical strength. This is most common with witches that adventure, mind you, as it is rather like a resume.”

“I rather liked the part where Goatrude fought the adventurers!” Mayor Kevin M. Sourdough added, pantomiming a fight scene.”He was all blarg! Zap! Boom! They came along and tried to cook him on his own campfire for supper, but Goatrude showed them what-for!”

“How did he start the fire to begin with, though?”

“Fire grass,” Red Kelp offered.”It is an uncommon grass, but it lasts for about a year when harvested. It requires a Spark spell, but will act as a binding to kindling and logs. The fire won’t go out until a Douse Flame spell is cast on it.”

“Is there going to be a sequel to Goatrude do you think?”

“I’m not sure,” said Margot. “Goatrude, the actual goat that is, is touring the Netherworld and having a blast. If he does write another book, it won’t be for ages. Now, for next week, we will be reading…”

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