A bit reclusive, gatorlillies are water monsters that can alternate between a human and alligator form by way of a long, magical scale coat. They are cousins to selkies who similarly shift between a human and seal form via a shroud or sealskin.

Gatorlillies spend the vast majority of their days in alligator form, swimming and lurking in the wretched swamps and marshes of the Netherworld. They are incredibly dangerous and are among the leading cause of destruction to unwary heroes and adventurers that stumble into their territory.

Swamp witches, bog crones and other black water hags often build special relationships with gatorlillies. The later tend to acquire all manner of arms, armor, and treasure from devoured adventures but find it useless. What good is armor when your scales are as tough as enchanted plate mail? Why would you need swords when you have countless dagger-like teeth and fearsomely strong jaws? Swamp witches clear out the loot to ensure treasure seekers do not disturb the monster’s privacy. Spells, potions, and food are offered in trade.

When doing business with their hag neighbors, gatorlillies often assume a hybrid form, similar to mermaids. Their upper bodies are human and they have long reptilian tails to help them float in the swamp’s ooze and muck.

To friendly monsters, gatorlillies act as both guides and guardians of their swamps, keeping detailed histories of the surrounding area. Gatorlillies have even been known to act as a raft to villains and creatures. They are incredibly strong and buoyant, able to carry two or three humanoid adults at a time with ease. In their alligator form, they cannot talk, so questions are best left until the end of the journey.

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