Forest Cauldron

The trees along the clearing’s southern edge inhaled while the trees on the north chanted with their leaves, brushing against each other to create a sibilant whisper. The resulting sounds began the spell.

Forest sprites fluttered into the clearing, carefully placing berries here, ingots of gold there, and littering the entire opening with witchweed roses, ghost queen’s lace flowers, and leafs of dryad’s blush.

A forest casts Rejuvenate and Welcome Ghosts spells to increase its power.

The wind picked up, graduating into increasingly stronger gusts. The sky darkened as a storm began to brew and clouds gathered into thick, purple fluffs of eldritch energy, eclipsing the moonlight.

As the wind reached the height of its strength, branches from various trees began knocking against each other. The wooden sounds added a rhythmic undercurrent to the leaf rustling, completing the spell.

Black rain fell from the clouds, cold and rich with magical energy. Hours later, as the storm cleared, the forest sprites surveyed the trees and grass, noting the growth and renewed powers.

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