Dungeon Crawl Reviews

Ooze Alley: Standard brick-wall dungeon with plenty of twists and turns. Good memories! Decent chance you’ll get eaten by a translucent slime if you’re not careful. 4 of 5 skulls.

Terrible place for archers and rangers. Nearly died a dozen times — even tried using fire arrows, but kept having to relight them as the air is thick with humidity. Am I walking through soup here?! 2 of 5 skulls.

Troll’s Run: A young, pristine forest with an abundance of moss and fungi. Fantastic area to hunt warriors, though magic-using adventurers are a tricky lot here. Often draw on arboreal magic. 4.25 of 5 skulls.

Well of Darkness Eternal and Loss of Hope: Stunningly lovely, though you must be able to see in the dark to enjoy. The cave itself radiates an empowering spell that seemingly drains life and assists the undead. I feel 200 years younger! 4.5 of 5 skulls.

The only drawback is the adventurers and heroes perish so very quickly. 4 of 5 skulls.

I am beset upon all sides by the most damaging undead I have faced in my career as a vampire hunter. The spells that normally protect me fail immediately after casting and my most powerful artifacts are dulled. They, too, will soon expire and I shall surely follow.

May the dry husk I leave behind serve as a warning to my fellow bringers of light — there is nothing but doom for us in this clutch of shadow. Keep away.

In these last moments of breath I am handed, of all absurdities, a survey of my experience here? 0 of 5 skulls, I rate. I curse this place and my own hubris.

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