Dragons are common in the Netherworld, both feasting on and anchoring magical flows throughout the realms.

In terms of physical food, dragons eat tremendous amounts, but the local environs and farms are granted an equally massive boost from the creature’s natural auras and energies. Dragons can eat nearly anything, but individuals develop specific tastes over their incredibly long lives. As a dragon is likely to be the largest customer in an area, local culturally significant food often evolves to fit the beast’s palette, and vice versa, creating rich tapestries of tradition and taste.

Farms and restaurants flourish near dragon homes. The business model is very profitable assuming you can tolerate the occasional batch of self proclaimed “dragon slayers” romping in, bold and brash, requesting lines of credit on their meals and lodging until after they “win the day” by “ridding” the realm of the scaled “menace.”

Dear reader — if you run a shop or tavern or inn and you encounter one of these fools, demand payment in cash upfront. In fact, you will make a tidy profit holding their spare belongings whilst they head out to their ill advised adventure. Wait for them to be eaten then sell their gear. Dragons are real, successful dragon slayers are not.

Over the course of their lifetimes, and especially in their youth as they rapidly grow, dragons regularly shed scales and horns. These are often sold or traded to witches and other magic users for spells, and to spas and cosmetic companies to brew magical exfoliants.

A dragon lights an outdoor oven. Party starts at 8 o’clock, bring your appetite!

Among their many magical abilities — innate and researched — dragons are able to shapeshift their size at will. Their entire body shrinks down; they cannot, for instance have a single giant leg. They retain their general “dragon” shape, though some learn to assume the form of a human, dryad, other identity.

While myth tells of dragons as fearsome loners, many are quite social and use their size changing ability to interact with monster friends and loved ones. Some even offer regular meet-and-greets, barbecues and cookouts, for their local communities.

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