Door is a Jar

Pumpkin Jaq, witch, is a professional alchemist, adventurer, and enchanter that runs a delightful charm business out of Autumn’s Lost Wood. The lives of heroes and villains, monsters and adventurers, often hinge on their magical arsenal — but not everyone has the ability to cast and many who can have limited abilities.

Door is a Jar specializes in temporary magical solutions, pouring spells and energies into crystals, small statues, orbs, and similar bric-a-brac. Jaq keeps a store room full of blanks if you have a need but lack a device, though if your tastes are discerning, your choices will be limited. Jaq’s personal style parallels the unusual and the brightly hued.

“Rings are wonders,” Jaq said without looking up from her work. She carefully set a crow’s beak cut emerald into a ring’s tiny prongs, closing them gently with a pair of small pliers. “The spells rarely seep into the metal, so it is just the jewel that goes all to dust and motes and shards when its finished,” she said proudly, admiring the newly minted magical device. “Point, concentrate, and zap! This ring will, upon activation, emit a beam of energy that turns stone into mud.”

Pumpkin Jaq, witch and alchemist, argues with her familiar, trix, jack-o-lantern

The argument of enchanter skill versus item’s value is an industry tirade that started in the fog of the past, likely when the third enchanted thing was wrought and compared to the first two. “Skill is the only damn thing that matters, I could enchant a turnip to throw fireballs,” Jaq laughed. “It is a snob’s predilection to demand a fancy base. If you want to sparkle, thats fine, I’m not judging, but it isn’t a necessity and there is no use in looking down on folk who opt for the simple or unusual.”

One such snob is Jaq’s long “suffering” (according to it) familiar, a floating jack-o-lantern named Trix. “I merely believe that quality magic ought to be housed in quality furnishings. Enchant a turnip… really, now Jaq… next thing you will be witching up compost heaps as mana batteries for plant magic.” At this, Jaq slowly grinned and Trix, horror redrawing its carved expression, realized it had just given Jaq a new idea.

“Jaq, no!” it pleaded.

“Jaq YES!” she countered.

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