Comic sketches

More comic sketches. Working in pencil on multiple projects is solving a lot of art problems quickly.

Drawing a horse leg – 1: put pencil to paper. 2: wrong

I’ll start digitally inking and coloring them all in the coming weeks — I’m working on rebuilding my drawing process into a more streamlined, systematic system.

Prior, everything was “Idea / thumbnail / pencil / refine / digital / move to next idea” — which is a clean way of working if I’m doing a single piece — but working on multiple pieces in various stages of production is allowing me to capture “ah hahs” a LOT faster.

“This is how to draw a skull in this angle” / “This is how to quickly idea-up gorgon hair” / “This is how to…” yadda yadda.

Keeps the muscles warm and the brain-cauldron brewing.

For years, I’ve had “drawing mode” and “writing mode”— switching between the two depending on what I was working on. The above is helping blend the two.

On some level, I owe this to comics— which encapsulate everything I’m working on in a tight, difficult to handle, wonderful to work on package.

Coffee is ready. Back to work. More soon.

Very important rabbit. A naval hero, a pirate, a legend, a fiend.

Ten million years ago.

The first creative director of the first bestiary: “Next up, a half horse half human.”

First illustrator of the first bestiary: “A-are you kidding me right now? You are serious with this?” (resigned sigh)

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