Bubble Bath Scents

A common saying in the Netherworld, “Bubble baths are proof the moon wants us to be happy.” Large bathing tubs are common in homes, fit with hot and cold water faucets and accessorized with taps that pour lava, slime, swamp muck, acids, or any number of other delights.

The key to unlocking maximum relaxation, though, is with bath salts and suds. A review of some popular choices:

Moonblood: A thick oil that turns water both red and opaque, Moonblood Bubble Bath is a favorite among vampires and other undead. It cleans, heals, and rebuilds non-living bodies.

Verdant mud: A favorite to forest fey, Verdant Mud is crafted in huge batches once a year. A little goes a long way so be careful when pouring into your bathtub. Dirt and grime aren’t problems when your skin is plant-based, but it must be managed and magically moisturized carefully as excessive sunlight can dry you out.

Pumpkin Guts: An exclusive treatment at Bat Heart Spa in Peyroux, giant cauldrons are filled to the brim with the inner workings of countless pumpkins turned jack-o-lanterns. Stewed with potions,
the resulting gel rejuvenates and refreshes.

Bad Luck Baths: Another Bat Heart exclusive and frequent indulgence by gorgons and other rock monsters, these baths are filled to the brim with broken mirrors and windows. Witches remove the natural hexes in prep, leaving them safe (as long as you have stone skin) to lounge in for hours. Relieves pesky, hard-to-scratch itches!”

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