Atticus Q. Redghost

Atticus Q. Redghost is an odd villain. What they lack in traditional ambitions, they more than make up for care and affection for ghosts, monsters of all kinds, witches, and the undead.

One part scholar, one part healer, one part agent of chaos, Atticus tours the Netherworld, seeking to learn new things or stir up mischief with friends and enemies. It should be noted these two goals often overlap, as do the names of said friends and enemies. Realms that do battle with Atticus one year might request their aid the next — either as a protector against a rampaging something-or-other, a mediator with neighboring creatures, or helping with repairs after an unnatural disaster.

Villains typically have a diabolical goal — take over this, destroy that, conquer, steal, rule. Atticus is seemingly pleased to be something of a force of nature, to the joy and angst of their colleagues and the heroes of the Netherworld.

As untraditional as they are evil, Atticus is an undefined shapeshifter. They lack the ability to take on non-humanoid form, nor can they shift into an unidentifiable form. If you can identify Atticus in one identity, you will always be able to immediately recognize them in any other.

In the mortal realm, Evil Supply Co. sells notebooks, shirts, and the like. Its Netherworld counterpart, run by Atticus, provides potions, arms and armor, and construction services for monsters and evil doers.

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