About Will-o-Wisps

Will-o-wisps are small motes of sentient light that lurk in forests and swamps. They serve as pollinators to plants and information gatherers for the forest itself and the spirits and creatures that dwell within.

Friends to monsters, will-o-wisps are dread beasts in the eyes of the heroic public. They are able to replay snippets of overheard conversation, even slightly remixing the flow and volume of words to construct new sentences. Wisps use this ability to entice heroes trudging through swamps or cowering in forests to delve deeper and split large groups into smaller numbers. Although their vocal mimicry can only recall words spoken over the last few hours, the awkward cadence creates a terrifying air, as if the speaker were trapped or being chased.

Spells warding against insects are partially effective against will-o-wisps, creating all manner of adventurer myths about their origin and composition. Forest fey know wisps are actually manifestations of magical energy tasked with spying on and destroying intruders.

Will-o-wisps are able to glow with the intensity of a torch or dim until they are completely invisible. They enjoy candy, especially chocolate.