Not only are weeds delicious and useful, they can also help us gauge the properties of soil. Look out for the following when deciding what to plant where.

Witch Thumb: A crooked, thorny vine that grows in sandy soil. Plant drought-hearty curses here, you are not likely to see rain very often. Thumbs reproduce quickly and are often used as soil testers to get an idea of the overview of social composition.

Lich Flowers: Incredibly rare and equally dangerous, lich flowers are small, green plants that creep deep into the ground and develop massive root networks. Growing in serene, unspoiled areas with good soil drainage and high levels of nutrients, they are often the initial bane to corrupt an area. Their influence often cuts their own lives short but opens channels for future repugnant plant life. When an area’s positive energy is used up, the lich flower’s base will die, leaving seeds to return when conditions once again favor ripe for degradation.

Raven Black Mushrooms: Tall and fuzzy, these fungi grow in areas of great necromantic power. Ghasts eat them on sight, so they do not last long in cemeteries. Look for them in caves and hard to reach places that have seen death often.

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