Trick or Treat

In a village populated nearly exclusively with ghosts, monsters, witches, and other preternatural creatures, trick or treating is as much an annual celebration of Halloween as a part of our cultural fabric.

Through the month of October, streets in Peyroux alternate between “home” and “costume” duty, ensuring all villagers have an opportunity to seek or pass out candy and tricks. Some haunted houses in Peyroux, having gained sentience over the decades, themselves will pass out tricks and sweets as they see fit.

Peyroux is tiny, so while the determined reveler would be able to loot the entire village in about an hour or so, nightly activity extends from twilight to at least midnight. Candy is swapped amidst ever more complex trade deals, costumes are changed, ciders are shared, ghost stories are told (often by actual ghosts). Knowing you have all night, and every night all month, slows the pace.

Trick or treating is available all month long in various neighborhoods.

Understandably, haunted houses are a key attraction in Peyroux, especially during October. As mentioned here earlier, some houses themselves pass out tricks and treats — often after guests make their way through the house’s labyrinthine paths, strewn with horrors from all over the Netherworld. Many monsters consider it a great honor for a Peyroux haunted house to invite them to be a part of the seasonal scare, spending all year planning and prepping. The paths within each haunted house and surrounding yard shift every few days, so revelers usually make multiple trips to the same address.

Anyone and anything looking for a quieter evening invariably drifts towards the village square. Mayor Sourdough brings out rocking chairs, sets up small camp fires and the various restaurants delight the gathered with all manner of goodies. Pumpkin carols are sung, magic tricks are shared, and a numerous number of fuzzy creatures — from bats to cats and an incredible variety of monsters — flock to find a lap to sit in and an affectionate hand or tentacle to be pet by.

Trick or treating is a village-wide affair in Peyroux and one that should not be missed by any with a black heart.

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