Top 13 Monster Soda Pops

Monsters, ghouls, and all manner of Netherworld creatures enjoy a tasty beverage from time to time. Sometimes they’ll drop in a scoop of ice scream, but just as often, they’ll enjoy their treat straight up.

The following are the thirteen best selling flavors:

  1. Big Ol’ Bat’s Blood Orange Soda Pop
  2. Goblin Green Ginger Beer
  3. Ghastly Grape
  4. Fey Phantasm Fruit Punch
  5. Misty Mountain Fiery Doombrew of Doom and Mist
  6. Saucy Hag’s Swamp Water Sarsaparilla
  7. Bad News & Hard Luck’s Cream Soda
  8. Moonlight Berry Blue Brew
  9. Coconut Cauldron Cola
  10. Cryptofizzology
  11. Cosmic Comet Crush
  12. Mummy’s Dry As Desert Ginger Ale Dessert
  13. Liquid Shadow (Flavored With Things Best Unseen)
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