The Tiny Dragon, Lemon Peel

The heist took place just before sunrise. CRASH!

Tiny talons scampered across a tile floor. A jewel-filled mouth greedily gulped down a purloined snack. BOOM!

“LEMON PEEL SUNSHINE FIZZ HELIUM!” roared a booming voice in the distance.

The tiny, pet-sized dragon looked up warily, a full name meant the entirety of its caper had been discovered. Large, precious eyes watched the doorway warily and an orange, forked tongue tasted the air. The dragon had just enough time to escape.

Twenty minutes later, the sun rose, illuminating an elderly, broom-wielding jeweler clad in a floral night gown, chasing a tiny, absurdly bright yellow dragon down the street, each screaming wordlessly at the other.

Sleepy Vampire shirt (red)

Sleepy Vampire shirt (red) ($24.50)

Wake me up when the sun sets.
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