The Monster’s Party

The doorbell rang on the stylish, angled door and was almost immediately answered by a grinning lime-green giant wearing a purple suit. It was at once fashionably out of fashion and expertly tailored for his massive frame.

“Beloved!” the giant bellowed and wrapped the ghost guest into a bone-crushing (if she still had bones) hug. “So glad you made it!” Turning to the party at large, the monster loudly chimed, “Everyone! Absolutely everyone! The Pirate Ghost of Salt Tooth Bay is here! Who doesn’t know this delightful creature?” Turning back to the ghost, the monster danced her into the room, introducing guests as they passed.

“…like the tide of the sea, you and I will always dance… come to me, my sweet darkness, swim to me…” a singer crooned, drawing the words out with a beautiful, gloomy voice. The band, Dime Store Halloween, played in the middle of the living room on a raised, gently rotating platform. Throughout the party, each guest caught each musician’s gaze at some point or another, making the small concert even more intimate.

“How did you get the Dimes to play at your house?!” a vampire asked Frank the Monster as he poured her a cocktail.

“Lovely bat, everyone owes me a favor.”

The signer softly broke in, “Bite me bliss me kiss me in the dark, in death, my hidden lover, my hallowed heart…”

Frank popped outside to the dark patio, a quiet area for soft conversations, contemplations, and those just needing a peaceful moment away from the noise and crowd. A quick sweep of the area brought blankets to the cold, snacks to the shy, and soft “thank you for coming” to all.

The party continued well through the night, cresting when the clocks rang 3 a.m. and a jack-o-lantern was lit. As the sun began to rise, the candle began to flutter and the last of the guests started filtering out the door. Dime Store Halloween played their last set, “…open… open my heart, pour yourself in… give me, give me, give me your horrors, give me your everything… open my heart, pour yourself in… to love you, my moonlight, is my favorite sin…”