The Life of an Adventurer

May was late, but Petal wasn’t worried. Terribly. She has been late before and is on an adventure with an experienced crew, so she would be safe, right? She would be fine? Right?

A faint knock on the door. Petal opened it to find May covered in small cuts, slime, and smelling like troll soup.

“Hey, I’m sorry I’m… I’m late and I’m gross… I’m, well, me. Hi.”

Petal simply beamed happily in response.

Later, Petal reached through the shower curtain to hand May a healing potion. “And then Atty used a Ball of Warped Gravity spell to scoop up the goblin hoard, the entire hoard, and rolled them like a bowling ball! Right into their own traps!” May called out as she scrubbed.

Petal laughed heartily at the story. “How did you do?” she asked. “Tell me of your shots!” Petal grabbed a plush cloth robe and wrapped May into it, hugging her tightly, as she left the shower. The healing potions mended the cuts and the hot water would help relax May’s tight muscles, but she was still very stiff and sore.

“I mostly provided cover for the party,” May said humbly as she dried her hair in a floral-themed blue violet towel. “And I shot the skeletons… our party’s necromancer’s skeletons…” “…oh dear…” “…kinda a lot. But its okay? Because they are dead. So? Y’know? No pain?”

The door chimes rang. “I got us a pizza from Pyroclastic,” Petal said as she headed towards the door.

“Grab some coins from my bag, I’ll pay for half!” May called out. She sighed, gazing into the bathroom mirror. “Someday,” she whispered to herself, “I’ll be strong and powerful.”

“Lovely! Come eat this pizza with me!” Petal called from the adjoining room. “And I got us a tape from the video store, Spy of Newt!”

“But first pizza,” May said quietly to herself, grinning to her reflection.

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