The Ghoul

The sun reared into the sky with a fiery majesty. The ghoul gazed out longingly from the hole she dug into the earth, eying with regret the cool, damp crypt three dozen steps away.


She had not made it in time, so here she would wait until the day’s fiery champion rested. She nursed burned fingers in her poison mouth, feeling the reminder of a dawn experiment to see if she could brave the distance.

“This, too,” she sighed, “shall pass.”

Ah, but today she is lucky! A cloak of cloud wrapped overhead, dampening the sun’s arrows. Needle-like teeth, violent grin, unconventional laugh. The ghoul gathered up her rags and ran as fast as her claws could carry. With gusto, she lurched into the welcoming darkness. The comfort of safety provided balm to the minor injuries suffered in the crossing.

Unseen by the ghoul, a figure on the other side of the cemetery lowered its raised hands and the clouds slowly returned to their natural position.

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