Sweet Haunted Home

Having a ghost in your home is a terrific way to spruce up the place, increase value, and accent the magical conduits. Not to mention it is quite fun! Ghosts are terrific companions, but how do you attract one?

There are traditional routes — hiring a necromancer, building charms and lighting candles, or visiting old graveyards and chanting poorly translated Latin ominously. But if you have enough patience, and just ask the moon for one, word will spread through the aether and you will be haunted soon enough.

Many ghosts are shy or private, so activity might not be readily seen. But for every willing black heart, there is an undead companion, and they are never far away.

Peyroux Dispatch mug

Peyroux Dispatch mug ($14.75)

The Peyroux Dispatch gathers news, stories, and gossip from around the Netherworld.
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