Special Delivery

The black cat meowed with equal parts annoyance at being discovered and demands, immediate and unknowable.

“And you have wings, too? Ah, that must be how you got in there.” The Netherworld Post carrier gently stroked the cat’s small face and was rewarded with a deep, rumbling purr. “Don’t worry, my little shadow, I will get you home.”

The undead postal worker continued his route, casually chatting with every ghost and monster he came across, asking if any recognized his stowaway. Claws gently and affectionately tickled the small cat, tentacles hugged it lovingly, and nearly everyone had a bit of lunch to share.

The postal carrier’s bag began to empty as his shift wore down. One last letter to the Abyss… delivered. A parcel that smelled like ripe tomatoes… left at the edge of the old graveyard at the end of the road. “Last postcard, little gloom,” the postal worker told the sleeping creature.

The carrier waded into a swamp, calling out the name on the card. It took several moments to find the correct location. “Oh! Hello!” a witch called out from her sunny porch, built atop a giant lily pad. She waved gleefully. “So good to see your bones, my friend!”

Recognizing the voice, the winged cat leapt from the carrier’s bag and flew to the witch, meowing and roaring happily.

“Soot!” She called out in surprise, catching the feline missile and hugging it tightly.

“Special delivery,” the postal carrier laughed.

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