Space Witches

Astral spell craft by space witches often aligns with earth-bound practices. Elixirs bubble, special ritual daggers are used to sever or transpose ingredients and powers, jars are collected in great numbers and with dubious plans for usage.

Propulsion and living environs intrigue those who look up at the stars and wonder.


Astral witches that live in space for the majority, if not all, of their lives often opt for asteroid homes as the rocky exterior provides protection against temperature and radiation fluctuation. Camouflage is also granted, warding against wandering space monsters, pirates, and snooping telescopes.

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Some asteroid witches, especially those undead or who are able to breathe through magical means, leave the interiors cave-like and rocky. Conventional witches carve out chambers and living quarters based on their personal needs and desires.

Propulsion through space is generally accomplished with simple Gravity Slingshot spells. Speeds vary as the asteroid ship approaches or leaves a star system, ricocheting against their respective gravitational fields. Navigation is handled by magic and eldritch star charts are crucial — the slightest miscalculation will send the craft light years off course.



For witches and space travelers that prefer a more predictable and technologically stable environment, any number of space ship designs will carry them to the stars and beyond.

Magical energy, rather than fuel, powers the ship’s systems. As such, excess power is often stored in batteries or artifacts to be drawn on while the witch sleeps or performs their duties other than generating magic. These witch ships can be used by others, but this is not recommended for long journeys. Special magical maintenance is required, best suited to those attuned to the original magical wavelengths.

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