Solarium Globes

Autumn is drawing to a close, bringing an end to the stormy and comfortable chill so many of us have been enjoying.

To shore up against the incoming snows, pleasurable as they are, Solarium Globes are being set up in the village’s lamp posts. For visitors and new residents, solarium globes are warm balls of energy that orbit anyone who touches them. Upon activation, you simply request, aloud, “more” or “less” to adjust your heat level. Each stone lasts a few hours before needing to be recharged, but the stones themselves are programmed to handle this automatically. Low powered globes send signals to each other, requesting replacements and alerting to their location.

Aquatic, reptilian, ooze, and fire creatures ought to use at least three solarium globes at all times while traveling outside. Don’t chance it! Dropping temperatures attract all manner of abdominal snow monsters into Peyroux, some which bring their own weather systems. Stay toasty!