Snow Flora

With winter fast approaching, local flora has begun transitioning. The magical energy that surrounds and maintains Peyroux shifts seasonally, but at no other point in the year is the change as dramatic as the opening of winter.

This is, of course, in part due to the weather, but significant shifts are also brought on with the arrival of abdominal snow monsters, ice trolls, winter wyrms, and assorted other snow creatures. They begin arriving in early December, most staying through the season. Many winterly plants and fungi begin growing around the village as early as November. Among the most abundant:

Peppermint Thistles

Sharp as icicles, these thistles grow quickly after the season’s first snow. Peppermint thistles are incredibly delicate and must be eaten immediately upon plucking. They are a favorite snack of snow trolls and goblin-kind, who often devour entire fields of them upon their discovery. The thistles have a sharp sweetness that lingers well after they’ve melted away.


Blue cousins of normal tomatoes, snowmatoes are as hard as rock and are full of an oddly smelling purple ooze. Both the undead and necromancers seek out snowmatoes to use as a sort of magical battery. Ingesting a snowmato will quickly bring a magic user back to full strength, though it plays havoc on their life-systems
(hence why they are so popular with the deceased).

Snowmatoes do not rot as long as they are kept cold, but will explode into shards of ice if they are brought into temperatures even slightly above freezing.

Winter Witch Wisteria

Thick blue vines that grow explosions of flowers, white to blue to violet, these incredible plants slither up the trunks and branches of trees left bare by autumn’s grip. Winter witch petals grow extremely quickly, often blooming and falling in an hour or so after they sprout.

Dryads and forest spirits seek out wisterias, transporting and planting them throughout Peyroux and surrounding forests. Good natured battles are fought (most often with ice magic and snowballs) about what color to plant where as each forest fey has their own preference.

Blizzard Blanket Mushrooms

Extremely rare, blizzard blankets grow beneath heavy snow banks where they will receive a little, but only a little, sunlight. These broad mushrooms soak up winter enchantment and fortify the soil, helping ensure a bountiful spring.

Blizzard blanket mushrooms do not grow every year and they migrate considerably throughout the forests. Most cryptobotonists will spend their entire career without ever seeing them.

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