Snake Hair

I am asked about my snake hair quite a bit. They are the source of my natural Transform Flesh to Stone spell, my biggest cosmetic bane when they won’t cooperate, and among my favorite physical features.

Gorgon hair is made of snakes, usually of the same breed, but not always. Some gorgons have dozens of individual snake hairs while others, such as myself, have about twenty or so.

Each snake is semi-independent. If I am not actively controlling it or paying attention, each will sleep or gaze about and investigate our surroundings. If all of my attention is focused on something, all of my hair will similarly be focused. When I am asleep, they all sleep, and when I yawn, some of them will yawn too. My husband always chuckles, he thinks they are adorable!

I can “see” a little through their eyes, but the vision isn’t great and peers deeper into infrared spectrum than normal light. Their tongues taste the air and gives me an idea of our surroundings. It is very difficult to surprise a gorgon even if you are invisible!

I eat for us all, they do not feed. I use a special gorgon scale polish to keep them clean, healthy, and shiny, and every few months, they shed their old skin. This itches but fortunately it is very quick.

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