Skull Islands

Skull islands are villainy classics. Though the variants are endless, the three main classifications are: island shaped like skull, giant cave on mountain carved into skull shape, and major building complex built with a skull motif.

Island Shape

Although the least visible while visiting, these islands are very popular among cartography-loving villains. The aesthetic is incomparable. They are often chosen by space monsters looking for a terrestrial home, as well as giant evil birds and all manner of dragons, as they approach from great heights.

Mountain Shape

Expensive but terror-inspiring, skulls carved into mountains dominate many “skull island” style lairs. Most of these lairs are artificially created, drudged up from the depths of the ocean, as naturally occurring mountains rarely have enough rock in the right areas to support the base’s needs. Underwater portals are common, providing both escape options and decor fountains.

Skull Complex

The least (relatively) flashy option is chosen by villains preferring to leave their island in its basic shape. Buildings are designed with skulls as gargoyles, watching every port and whisking away rainwater, while bones are used for doorhandles and various decorations. This style of skull island is often favored by villains looking to build a quiet, grim vacation getaway cottage.

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