Selfie Spells

Memories are frequently snapped with wands and a Selfie spell. When cast, a wand or camera crystal will levitate above the user and snap a photo. Seems simple enough, no? In the Netherworld, things are rarely straightforward.

Spells are often captured within the photo and cast when the selfie is viewed and activated. Pranksters have been known to include blasts of fire, especially gorgons.

Penny P. Post, vampire, is known for sneaking bats into her selfies. Tap one of her pictures and you’re likely to have a cloud of them fly out at you! The Purple Paw Thievery, a guild of magical rabbits, use elaborate series of picture traps to duck into new areas, snag as much loot as their tiny paws can carry, and vanish.

Many casters have specific results, though some prefer random effects. Margot V. Shadow, necromancer, sent a selfie the other day full of the wonderfully terrible sounds and smells of a haunted house!

Experiment with your selfies and spells, create a signature style.