Rain Picnic

Nixandrea Z. Dagon, sea nymph, awoke from her nap and rubbed her eyes. The gentle fog of drowsiness clung, soft and pleasant. She stretched, paused, and regarded the open window— rain! Her fey eyes regarded the barely visible gossamer strings, storm magic energy, directing each drop to its intended target on the earth.

Nixxi stepped onto her patio and knelt by a small fountain-shaped altar. She prayed her thanks to the sea and storm gods, her words salvaged from ancient books and undoubtedly mispronounced. Untutored but faithful, she supplicated.

As she finished, she brought out an unfired clay bowl full of green sand and placed it in the fountain. Within the hour, it would be claimed by the rain.

With her devotional task complete, Nixxi turned her attention to feeding her body. Grinning with joy, she dashed into her kitchen and fetched a small basket. Fillet of bluesnout snapper, a five armed starfish, shrimp and drowning gasp peppers skewered on a stingray’s barb, driftwood smoked eels. She regarded the thickness of the book she started the previous night and the number of letters she needed to respond to and added a thick walrus steak and a half empty bottle of hagstone wine.

Nixxi changed from a sleeping gown into a simple blue-violet dress. She picked up the lunch basket and sashayed out her front door, her bare feet sinking into the mud, her hips swaying to the beat of the storm.

She reached a cliff before long and twirled in the wind, then laid out her meal and bowed her head in quiet thanks to the spirits of wind and rain. Nixxi settled into a sitting position and sipped her wine straight from the bottle. As she ate the first of the eels, she regarded her book, The Mermaid Kissed Me at Twilight, and letters from friends from all over the Netherworld. Alone with her thoughts and caught downpour, Nixxi’s heart bloomed with contentment with the world and the joy of her simple, quiet life.